Tribe Vibe's Pop Culture Monthly Roundup

Movies, Books, Magazines, Podcasts and more! The three of us at Tribe Vibe spend a lot of time discussing over coffee what is making us happy on the pop culture scene. Here are a few things that entertained us in September.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…

Social media exploded in the final days of September with images in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Blasey Ford has revealed her account of the sexual assault done to her by Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court judge nominee. Support for her bravery in coming forward was lighting up on all social media platforms. One word, HERO.


RBG Film. Inspirational movie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Is there anyone cooler than Ruth Bader Ginsburg right now? Seriously, at 80+ years old she is a total legend. Her new film, RBG, showcases her life from a young girl, through law school, marriage, motherhood, career, illness and Judge on the American Supreme Court. This is a must see film for anyone, but especially for young girls envisioning themselves as change makers of the present and future. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a boss. And if a book and film weren’t enough, she even has super cool merch available.


Andre Agassi's boook, Open

Ok, so this book is not exactly current pop culture material but what can I say, I’m very late to the party on this one-like twenty years late. But hear me out, even twenty years later, it is really, really good. The book is filled with blasts from the past of high profile names of sports stars and celebs, the unforgettable fashion sense of the time (think mullet and lots of neon), as well as memorable big brand campaigns of the time (Canon Rebel). There is a dark side to the book as well. Aggasi’s complicated relationship with his father, his loneliness as an adolescent at tennis school, an unhappy marriage to Brooke Shields, and a short reckless period with drugs and alcohol. As the book comes closer to its final chapter you will find yourself rooting for Andre Aggasi on the court as well as in life. Definitely worth a read.


Sandra. Current Podcast.

This is a podcast mini series on the voice behind the A.I. technology, Sandra (think equivalent to Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa.) When “Sandra” builds a friendship with one of her clients the story takes a very dark twisted turn. It’s definitely not an anticipated ending.

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