Flower Path

The Flower Path, where signs indicate fascinating information about plants including medical use as well as mythological significance, is definitely something to try if you are in the Toggenburger region of Switzerland. 

The Chäserrugg, the highest of the seven Churfirsten, can be reached by a historic red funicular and then a cable car. 

Once at the summit, we were rewarded by spectacular views reaching six countries (Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy and France) and over five hundred mountain peaks on this clear day! The almost perpendicular drop of 1800 meters to the shores of the Walensee is breathtaking. 

The lush, green pastures filled with wildflowers, dramatic cliffs as well as the spectacular view kept us motivated on the trail. There was plenty of exciting climbing as well as building stone towers for the kids on the way! While we weren't as lucky this year, it is common to spot Alipne ibex escalating the rocky mountain! The highlight of the children (remember, they live in Dubai) was finding a patch of snow in the month of July and starting a snowball fight! 


For those who appreciate architecture, the stunning restaurant at the summit, designed by Herzog & de Meuron is definitely not your typical mountain hut! 

The hike down needed a little endurance, but if you fancy something a little more thrilliing, watch the video below and see how Jeb Corliss gets down the mountain!