On Saturday night, my husband and I brought our two boys to the airport. A suitcase each in hand, off they went on their adventure: ten days with their grandparents and a full week at a local camp in Switzerland. Fresh mountain air, stunning scenery, outdoor play, hikes, fishing, fresh berries, cherries and lots of chocolate awaits them! 

One thing they didn't pack is their phone nor iPad. When mentioning this to friends I get a puzzled look - "you are punishing them on holiday?" Quite the contrary - I am giving them a break - a well deserved break from all the information and from being constantly connected!

I strongly feel that they need some time to themselves. Time to let the noise, stimulus and information subside. 

The aim is for them to simply be - truly engage in face-to-face conversations, make personal connections with old and new friends and family. Think about it - how do you unwind? Reading a book? Taking an early morning yoga class? Going for a walk? Enjoying a nice meal with a friend? Flicking through Facebook or Instagram? Watching TV? The virtual world is always there, tempting you to learn more, see more, know more. I know how difficult it is to unplug and that's the reason I hope my kids take advantage to connect with the real world and allow their minds to wonder using their imagination - just for a couple of weeks, at least!