Croatia Road trip. Delightful Mlini, Croatia

We left Split around midday, headed for our next destinations, Mlini and Dubrovnik. This drive was much better than the previous. In fact, it was quite spectacular most of the way passing through villages along the coast. Everything went according to plan until we reached the outskirts of Dubrovnik. Here traffic was not the problem. It was driving on roads where there was nothing between the car and a sheer drop-off down into the Adriatic. The fear of heights in our group ranged from mildly uncomfortable to complete panic. I wish I could say that that was the worst of the driving in Croatia, but no.  For those who don't enjoy driving on the side of a seaside cliff, it became much worse later on.

We had not originally planned on staying in Mlini. Our plan had been to stay in Dubrovnik.  However, we left our planning a little too late and there wasn't a lot of rental apartment options available when we booked for such a large group.  In the end, we found accommodations about 15km down the road from Dubrovnik in Mlini which turned out to be a big blessing.  The crowds of people are pretty crazy in Dubrovnik (for good reason!), so after a tiring day of tourism, staying in Mlini let us retreat for some rest and relaxation in this smaller port town.

The village of Mlini is located along the Adriatic seaside. Our apartment was situated at the top of a hill overlooking the sea, so we had a good hike up and down the stairs everyday to get to the village. At the base of the stairs there was a pebble beach, boats,  and a pleasant promenade with a few restaurants, marina, live music, ice cream, and a play park.  It made for a great setting to end the day.

One thing my kids love is trying to catch sea life in a net. Usually they are not very prosperous with their efforts, but they love to try. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the kids to spot the small crabs in the water along the Mlini promenade. This set them on a mission to locate a net and spend hours trying to net a crab. All their efforts were not for nothing as they did manage to catch, and release, one pour soul. The kids loved it! Note: no crabs were harmed in this activity.

If you are coming to Dubrovnik for more than two nights, I would absolutly recomend staying in Mlini. You can easily reach Dubrovnik by car or by ferry from this seaside port. It is a nice break at the end of a busy day sightseeing.