Croatia Road Trip. The Beauty of Dubrovnik

Clearly, no trip to Croatia is complete without exploring Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.  From Mlini (where we stayed), there are two ways to reach this famous walled city. One is by the highway and the other is by boat. Our first day we tried the highway, via bus. It's easy enough but its hot and you end up being dropped off a significant walk from the old town. From then on we decided the ferry was a better option.

From Mlini, the ferry drops you off right at the foot of Dubrovnik's famous protective walls. Once inside the city, the magic of Dubrovnik is everywhere. The town is filled with historic buildings, cobblestone streets, alleyway after alleyway of restaurants, shops, and homes.  Virtually everything was beautiful! But be warned, during the day, the tourists ships come in and the town fills up very quickly. On most days we opted to come to the city in the late afternoon. That way we could benefit from the majority of tourists leaving and more importantly to capitalize on the low sun in the sky. At this time of day, Dubrovnik turns completely dreamy, with the sun casting the perfect golden hues onto everything. Spectacular!

Of course it almost goes without saying that the highlight was walking the city's famous walls - all 2km and 1080 stair steps. The views in all directions are amazing and highly recommended to ensure a days filled with happiness and awe.

As always, I found a few windows and ornaments that caught my eye. Dancing fairies hanging across the kitchen window is sure to make anyone's day!

Finding a spot to eat that will please everyone in a large group is often challenging. My sister-in-law found this great tapas bar that we all loved. I think we actually might have frequented it each day. If D'Vino's still exists, I recommend much more than a quick pit stop.

Most importantly, for many in our group, was ending each and every day with a ritual ice cream stop and then the ferry back to Mlini. 

Our route through Croatia.

Croatia Road Trip. Our Route  Through Croatia