Croatia Road Trip. The Hotspot Split

After a long and exhausting car ride, we finally made it from Rovinj to Split. A word to the wise...never be on the road on a Saturday during the summer in Europe. Many apartment style accommodations rent on a Saturday to Saturday schedule therefore making traffic somewhat of a nightmare on these days. And when I say nightmare, I'm understating the issue. We were stuck so deep in traffic numerous times. More than once, both kids and parents were hungry with full bladders ready to burst and few options in sight other than the foliage on the side of the road. The grandparents were the only ones holding it all together. To make matters a worse, we got lost just outside the old town walls of Split where the cars were jammed in so tight that moving the smallest of cars around would have been difficult especially for those of us who learned how to drive in spacious North America. At the time, we were driving a nine seater mini van. Good times - not! And trying to park said minivan was a colossal pain. Hours after our unexpected and unwanted car tour of Split, we were finally out of the car and heading to the promenade along the sea.

It didn't take long to realize that Split was a major hub for anyone visiting Croatia by land or by sea. There were people, cars, more people, and boats everywhere. This place was packed. The harbour was lined with cruise ships and large sailboats, some with people on them and others empty as their passengers had come to Split to enjoy a lively evening. Clearly, Split is an active seaside city with a buzz.

The promenade along the sea was full of restaurants overflowing with customers, souveniour stalls, and tasty snacks.

The main tourist site in Split is The Diocletian Palace located behind the seafront promenade. A maze of small, narrow streets wound their way around the ruins of the Palace. Small shops dotted the streets selling everything imaginable. What is left of the palace is impressive in size and beauty.  It makes an even bigger impact when visiting it at night.

Happily we encountered a live band in the courtyard of The Diocletian Palace which made for a perfect and memorable way to spend the late evening.

As always, there were plenty of windows to fascinate me.

The Wisteria growing everywhere was magnificent. Huge, lush, purple flowers draping down in bunches from the stone buildings. Laundry also hung freely from the stone walls making everything feel very whimsical. 

Outside the stone walls was a small play park and fountain. Of course, the kids spotted it immediately and we ended up spending an enjoyable few hours here. The adults sipped coffee while the kids played - a perfect end to our stop in Split.