Family movie night dinner option (hint-it's not pizza!)

Family movie night dinner option

What do you feel like at weeks end? Exhausted? Depleted? Do you arrive home late, with everyone in tow, describing in detail how hungry they are as they push through the front door? Good times, right? Well, I have the perfect Thursday/Friday night solution for you. In our house it's called Tapas Night (it's not really tapas, but because we eat from small plates and a shared tray of food, my kids think of it as tapas.) It's dinner in front of the tv that the whole family can enjoy.

While the boys are discussing which bad teenage movie we are all going to have to suffer through, I quickly put our meal together (or more often than not, it is already prepared and waiting in the fridge to make its way to the coffee table.). It is all based around two Ikea turning platters. Typically one platter is home to fruits, nuts, and cheeses, while the other platter houses the dried meats, sausage, vegetables, olives, and pickles. There are no rules here, just odds and ends from the fridge that need to be finished up. The point is, it is all very simple, easy to eat, finger foods.

Guess what the kids go for first? You got it, all the fruit. They are like savages going in for the kill on the berries! There are no rules to the sequence of eating off the trays, you want fruit first, then eat fruit first. The veggies will be waiting.

Grazing is the best way to eat in front of the tv. Most of the time people don't even realize they are eating while zoned into the screen. That's a good thing here, because bit by bit, all the food gets eaten up. Even the veggies!

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And just as the movie is coming to an end, the last bites are taken. You can go to bed knowing that everyone had a super healthy dinner that required very little effort.

A real perk of this meal is the easy clean-up. For us, there are just 5 small plates and 5 glasses to go in the dishwasher. A quick wash of the trays et voila, dinner is cleaned up! The perfect ending to a hectic week!

Friday night dinner in front of the tv ideas