Summer TV binge List

Summer tv binge suggestions

As everyone gets their summer book list together, I fine tune a different, slightly less cerebral list. It's my summer tv binge list. I am not a traditional, loyal, week to week watcher. I'm more of a modern day binger when it comes to entertainment. SO summer is my time to plough through my backlog of shows begging to be watched. As I get ready to spend countless hours waiting in airports, long plane rides, and sleepless nights due to jet lag, one song keeps playing through my head, "Hello Netflix my old friend, I've come to watch with you again." It's time to get my pop culture entertainment vibe on. Here are the shows I am counting on to satisfy my TV appetite. Honestly, I know I won't get through even half, but one can dream :-) And please, if you have any "must watch" suggestions let me know. This in no way is a finite list ;-)

*all series images taken from IMDb website*.

Our summer ritual with the boys usually consists of being outside all day and then, after dinner, curling up on the couch for some screen time together. The chosen show has to meet the needs of a 10, 12, and 14 year old and not be too painful for the parents to sit through. This is a tough criterion to fill. We rarely find one that works for everyone so usually my youngest is watching something I never, in a million years, would have allowed my oldest to watch at the same age. What can I say, consistency is not my thing when it comes to entertainment upbringing. Here you have it, my tiny list of preteen/teen series we will pick from to watch.

I am also an avid podcast listener. Between the multiple daily school runs and my twice daily walks with Enzo, I probably average about two podcasts per day. With some long car rides ahead of me this summer I'm going to need my podcast list to be fully downloaded and ready to play. Here's what will be taking up room on my iphone.

Summer is almost here to induldge in some of the things we don't get time to do all year. Enjoy!