Get Your Art On

alserkal avenue

Have you been to Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Dubai? Al Quoz is known as a very industrial area of the city but it is also home to a very hip and vibrant art scene. Tucked inside the industrial zone is the gem Alserkal. Here you will find art galleries, local theatre, architecture and design shops, trendy ventures, gourmet chocolate makers, and few places to eat. In order to boost a sense of community, Alserkal is giving night tours of their galleries every Wednesday evening during the Holy month of Ramadan. The tours, known as Alserkal Lates, are given at 8:30pm and 9:30pm and last about one hour. My family and I went not knowing what to expect and ended up having a great evening.

Nadi al Quoz was  serving a casual Iftar which, with three hungry boys, was exactly what we were looking for. Lucky for us we arrived 1/2 an hour early to enjoy. The food was great. 

Alserkal Ramadan Nights

The tour started right outside Nadi al Quoz under the sign Nadi Nights. Our guide was ready and waiting so at 8:30pm,  Alserkal Lates of the galleries began.

Our guide led us through four galleries throughout the evening. She gave brief but thorough explanations of each exhibit. The artwork and buildings veried with each stop. It was such a cool experience to have access to very industrial buildings and unique pieces of art. Perfect for a casual night out.

The kids really enjoyed it as well. The hour time frame was the perfect length for them. At times they were very interested in the discussion and at other times not so much. But with the casualness of the evening there was no stress that they were not entirely focused 100% of the time. Often, all the adults would be gathered around our guide discussing one piece of art and I would see the boys sitting a few metres away, not listening, but completely engrossed on a different piece. Both valid ways of taking in the art. 

The streets of Alserkal are interesting on their own. It's really fun to walk up and down and see the shop signs, street decoration,  and window art. You can't believe you are in Dubai.

As the night was coming to an end I was thinking how perfect it had been. And then... it got better. Our guide thought it would be a good idea, for our final stop, to take a tour of the local chocolate factory. Who could argue with that?!

Alserkal Lates is such a nice way to spend a Wednesday evening during the Holy month of Ramadan. They have put a huge effort into making this area of Dubai feel like it has a sense of community. Oh ya, and did I mention the cost per person? Free! You heard me, free.  I highly recommend making an effort to check out this special place.