My Dubai Doughnut Experience

Our Ship for the evening

Our Ship for the evening

What do you prefer? A “product” gift or an “experience” gift? For me, hands down, it’s always the “experience” gift. I've been the giver and receiver of many such gifts ranging from tickets to music, sporting, and theatre performances, cooking classes, quad biking, sky diving simulators, birthday's in the desert... All super fun and very memorable. As Mother's Day approached, it was not the thought of lavish gifts or flowers I was thinking about, it was what fun adventure Rob and the boys had planned. Like all of Rob's presents, my gift always starts with a clue. This Mother's Day clue was "I hope you are in the mood for doughnuts tonight." Can you guess what is was? I immediately made the assumption that we were going to learn how to make doughnuts. I even went as far as to tell friends that my gift was a family lesson on how to make and glaze doughnuts. As the evening came closer, I could detect the humour that our three boys were finding in my assumption. I quickly got the feeling that doughnut making was not what was planned for our night out. So what was it? I started in on Rob and the boys with slightly panicked ramblings of  “can I wear this? Will I be cold? Will I be hot? How long will we be gone for?” It came to departure time and still not a hint of what was in store. After ten minutes of driving I still had no idea which made the boys laugh with excitement all the more. But as I saw Dubai Creek park approach I quickly put it all together. "Are we going on one of those orange floating doughnut things!!!" I was answered with a unanimous "Yes!!" This has been on my list of things I have wanted to do for four years now.  Yippee for me, tonight was the night.

We pulled into the parking of Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and quickly made our way to the docks beside the Boardwalk restaurant. Four large orange doughnut rings with bbq's in the centre were tied up waiting for customers. We were met there by Kumar who gave us the quickest of quick steering, bbq'ing and safety explanation. He dropped our two cooler boxes filled with preordered meals and drinks into the doughnut and told us to hop in. That was it, we were off.

One very excited mom!

We left the dock at about 6:15pm for our 90 minute tour. For me, this is the perfect time for almost anything in Dubai- you have the beautiful low hanging golden sun in the sky which you get to literally watch fall into the night. And then voila, the lights of Dubai lit up the city profile. Spectacular. 

The beauty of Dubai's creek.

We were really excited to get the bbq'ing underway. At this point no one had mentioned yet the extreme heat the bbq was emitting in our close quarters. It was pretty warm. But whatever, we pretended it was nothing. Then the manoeuvring of opening the packages of raw meat to be cooked began. It is quite small quarters, so things are not as easy as they may seem to be. Everything was set so I quickly opened the very hot BBQ lid. OUCH, ouch, ouch we all started shouting. Red hot sparks came flying out from the charcoals landing on our bare skin. I don't just mean a few, I mean a lot. The idea of the leisurely bbq we had imagined quickly turned into a rapid cook and closing of the bbq. We did however find a way to steer the doughnut so the wind was blowing the sparks away from us instead of into us but it still wasn't great. Lets just say we cooked our meat rapidly, shut the lid and didn't go near the bbq for the rest of the evening. The cooler was also filled with salads and dessert but with the space limitations we ended up eating everything seperatly- firtst the fries, then the meat, then the salad, and then the dessert. Within twenty minutes our dinner was pretty much done and dusted which left the majority of the evening to take turns steering our ship around the creek. It ended up being the perfect outcome as that was the best part of the whole experience.

The cooking experience.

We were rocketing around and around the creek at a snail's pace, taking in all the views and enjoying listening to my iphone playlist (I highly recommend bringing music if you decide to try this.) We spent the evening watching the sun drop out of the sky (my favourite thing to watch in Dubai) and the city begin to light up in the night. The doughnut's big orange canopy lit up with twinkle lights adding to the ambiance. I took the opportunity of having my boys in such close quarters with nowhere to run to take tons of selfies with them. I never take selfies so it was a learning experience for me as I continuously cut off heads, reversed the camera, and had trouble locating us in the viewer. But I have some photos of the boys and I that I wouldn't otherwise have, so another gift to myself for Mother's Day. The best part was that we had a chance to talk, laugh, learn to captain the big orange doughnut and in general just relax and enjoy being together. It was so perfect!! I loved every minute of my perfect Mother’s Day experience!

Fun taking selfies and using filters for the first time :-) The beautiful skies of Dubai.


  • go at sundown. The colours of Dubai changing from day to night are beautiful.
  • bring your playlist, it adds so much to the relaxation of floating around.
  • don't go thinking you are entering open water, you just cruise at very low speeds around the bay.
  • to reserve contact BBQ Donut