Miniatures Come to Dubai

What is your vision of Dubai? Expensive flashy cars? Shopping mall after shopping mall of extravagant items? Vast deserts speckled with camels? Architecture that keeps challenging itself to be the next latest and greatest? Tourists, tourists, and more tourists? Kandoras and abayas? While Dubai can be all of that, there is something the city  also has. A smart sense of humour about itself. While walking around City Walk early one morning, I was so happy to see Dubai’s sense of humour showing for all to see. There, near the Roxy theatre, on an outside wall was a series of “miniatures” based on the stereotypical culture and lifestyle of our city. UK artist Slinkachu has installed a series of large scale, clever photographs, that depict different Dubai settings. He combines life size elements with miniature elements to poke  whimsical fun at some common Dubai situations. . I challenge anyone passing by the exhibition  to leave without a smile on your face. Well done again Dubai for being able to see the humour in things. I loved it.